Benefits Of Treating Arthritis With Heat

Topical heat can be beneficial for treating arthritic pain. The heat can help to:

How to apply

• We recommend using a glove or cotton wool to apply to the area.
• If applied using exposed hands, wash hands thoroughly with warm
soapy water to remove residual cream.
• Enough Activ8HEAT cream to cover a 5 cent piece is ideal to start.
• Rub gently until cream has fully absorbed into the skin.
• Warming sensation may take up to 5 minutes to begin and last as long
as 2 hours.
• Once the heat has subsided the benefits should still be noticed.

It's important to note that everyone's tolerance is different, so it's important to use Activ8 Heat at a comfortable level.

If less heat is required after application any food grade cooking oil can be applied to reduce heat. Warm soapy water can also be rubbed into the area to reduce heat. Activ8HEAT cream is Paraben free, Petroleum free and Fragrance free.

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