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Greendragon sports products are a game changer for
anyone suffering from arthritis, muscle and joint pain or tightness.
Developed by myself with over 18 years as a sports injuries
therapist, this product is the solution to
one problem – creating a sports cream that actually
delivers heat! 

Ian Blewitt

About our

At the core of Greedragon is diversity and sustainability.

This is a product for the thinking person. From professional athletes, to the everyday person and everyone in between.

Start small, adjust and adapt with a heat that increases the more you train. A heat that lasts. Apply before, during after exercise. 

Australian made and owned, vegan-friendly, utilising natural plant-based ingredients.

Bring on the heat!

Used by professional athletes

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Let’s address some of the questions and comments about Greendragon we hear from time to time.

Apply with gloves or cotton wool balls and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

The “pouch 3 pack” is available globally to order here. Or contact us via and we’ll do our best to get Greendragon to you.

It’s great, isn’t it? We would love to discuss a reseller arrangement with you. Please email us at

Heat is always a great way to relieve arthritic pain. Especially in the colder months. Applying 3 times a week can make a real difference.

Start moving. Greendragon syncs in with your metabolism. Wait five minutes for the cream to start to take effect – don’t worry if you don’t feel something immediately. How much you apply will make a difference but best to start off with less. 

No – but please keep it out of direct sunlight.